Investments chosen for their safety and long-term benefits.

They are also chosen for tax benefits and diversification of the investment portfolio.

The most required are Multifamily, Commercial premises and Deposits.


They are real estate properties of more than 5 units, intended exclusively for rent.

Advantages for the Investor

  • It’s value increases over time due to capital gains.

  • Upgrades generate ongoing monthly income.

  • The progress of your environment will cause an increase in the value of the apartments, delivering a greater return on investment.

  • As it belongs to a single owner, the maintenance is carried out in the time and in the agreed ways.

  • Option to keep the tenant in the same property by offering larger units.

  • At Your Real Investment, based on studies and experience, for greater profitability, we work with options of 10 units and up.

    It is a different option, ideal for investing with a group of investors who can thus buy larger and more attractive properties than they could get individually.


Commercial stores for retail sale, located in central locations.

It is a highly valued real estate investment product, where, depending on the area and its pedestrian traffic, optimal spaces can be found below the market price.

If, in addition, a reform is carried out to improve or transform the property, an incredible revaluation can be obtained in its subsequent sale.

In the

USA, the construction of shopping centers does not stop.

There are more and more brands, stores and consumers, which generates greater demand for these spaces.

Advantages for the investor

  • There is no maintenance cost.

  • The expenses of the premises fall on the tenant.

  • Long-term contracts.


The LOWEST RISK and HIGHEST GROWING commercial real estate business in the United States.

It has been on the market for more than half a century and is one of the most stable in the sector.

Rated by Wall Street as a “recession-proof industry.”

Advantages for the investor

  • More benefits.

  • Greater security.

  • Its administration is simple.

  • Occupancy exceeds 90%.

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case”.

Robert G. Allen


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