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About Us

Your Real Investment.

Your Real Investment analyses, advises, promotes, develops and manages real estate products in a comprehensive manner, offering tailor-made solutions for each investor.

At Your Real Investment we have a professional team that has an average of more than 12 years of experience, advising each investor, designing a personalized investment plan, maintaining a close relationship throughout the process.

At Your Real Investment we firmly believe that teamwork is key to achieving business excellence.

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Our Values

Ethics, responsibility and transparency We work with the utmost integrity, loyalty, sincerity and respect for people and for everything they have achieved with their own efforts.

Confidence We accompany the client every step of the way, personalizing our services, offering peace of mind to those who place their trust in us.

Comprehensive professionalism We offer a complete service through our team of specialized professionals with extensive experience in the field, offering immediate solutions that provide complete peace of mind and certainty of growth to those who deposit their savings in our projects.

Your Real Investment

Our Amazing Team

Jonathan Lakeman


Andrés Kusznir


Alejandra Monzon

General Office

Erick Acuña

General Office

Our Goals
They are the same as our investors, mainly to increase the profitability and value of assets, generating superior and sustained returns through active and efficient management.

Our Vision
Is to provide the best professional real estate investment option, offering the safest and most profitable proposals specially designed to meet the needs of our investors .

We focus on the US real estate market, mainly in the states of Florida and Ohio, due to their attractive investment conditions.

You can invest in properties in the USA, from wherever you are, remotely. We accompany you throughout the process.

Depending on the project, it is possible to invest with minimum amounts.